Call for Papers


2018 Women in Dance Leadership ConferenceFemale Leadership in the 21st Century

Second Round – Call for Papers

Submission Guidelines:
– Paper must be written and presented by female author
– Abstract no more than 200 words
– Full paper no more than 5,000 words
– Author headshot/representative imagine submitted via email
– Timely submission of the abstract and paper via email is critical to the success of the program. The procedures and timetable enumerated below will apply.

Abstract+FULL PAPER + IMAGE Submission
Deadline: September 11th, 2017
with “Women in Dance Call for Papers” in the subject line

The paper should address one or more of the following questions:

        1. How do we define female leadership in the 21st century? What historical and environmental contexts shape our understanding of how women lead – and how are these contexts understood across disciplines, generations, cultures? How does the prevailing gender binary impact how we think about female leaders?
        2. Does female leadership serve as a unique catalyst for change? In what ways are female leaders engaging in forms of resistance? In what ways are they encouraging or sustaining existing hierarchies and systems of work (including training and education, resource allocation, presentation, etc.)?
        3. In what ways are the legacies of historical female dance leaders evident in contemporary practice? How might these legacies be identified and accessed within a field-wide discussion about female leadership – and what opportunities exist/could be forged to ensure successful female leadership in the next generations?
        4. What questions should we be asking as women, artists, society?



Click HERE to submit your work

The selected scholars will be notified on October 15th, 2017, and the presentation will be on 1/19/2018 or 1/20/2018 during the conference at New York University Tisch School of the Arts, New York City


9 Replies to “Call for Papers”

  1. Is there a topic that papers should focus on? Female leadership in dance? Is there any assistance for travel or housing? Thank you in advance.


    1. The focus on this conference is Female Leaders in the 21st Century, and we encourage the scholars to focus on this idea. At this point, the selected presenter will have to be responsible for their own travel. Thank you.


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