About Women in Dance


Women in Dance L.L.C. was established in 2013, inspired by the unique professional dance community in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where every professional dance company is directed by women. The mission of Women in Dance is to investigate, explore, and reflect on women’s leadership by presenting innovative and multicultural dance work to celebrate, develop, and promote women’s leadership in dance making, dance related fields, and other male dominated professions.

In order to carry out this important mission, Women in Dance L.L.C. hosts a 3-4 day biennial leadership conference – Women in Dance Leadership Conference. The conference presents keynote speech, panel discussions, movement workshops, dance on film screenings, scholarly paper presentations, individual speeches, and live concerts as well as provides the space to have ongoing discussions about female leadership in dance, dance related fields and beyond.

Women in Dance L.L.C. also will host summer leadership institute that serves female students from age 14-18. The leadership institute will teach students how to use dance as a discipline that can help them achieve their academic goals, assist with personal growth, and explore endless possibilities in their future.

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